We specialize in providing customized equipment financing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Our Vendor Finance Division is an industry leader in building successful national financing programs for equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Types of Financing

Equipment Loans

Our commercial term loans offer flexible terms and competitive, fixed interest rates for equipment purchases and the refinance of existing debt. This credit product is ideal for established businesses who desire shorter terms and unique payment structures, or those who seek interim financing to start a project or expansion, or simply need a down payment on new equipment. Equipment loans are also the ideal solution for companies seeking long-term ownership of an asset.

Equipment Leases

We offer asset-neutral, true lease financing solutions that are ideal for high-growth companies needing to expand or enhance infrastructure. Our leases help companies conserve operating cash, avoid equipment obsolescence, achieve tax advantages, and minimize the risks of asset disposal. The equipment lease is a commonly used by companies seeking to minimize the costs associated with long-term equipment ownership stemming from high obsolescence or subject to high maintenance costs. Leases are also commonly utilized by companies seeking off-balance sheet financing or those wishing to avoid making hefty down payments on equipment with shortened useful life.

SBA 7(a) Loans

The 7(a) program is private bank loan with a limited U.S. government guaranty that is commonly used to finance business acquisitions, equipment purchases, and other working capital needs. The 7(a) program offers loan terms of up to 180 months on equipment, making it ideal for many small businesses. The SBA 7(a) loan is a strategic way to finance a substantial business expansion when conventional financing may not be available under reasonable terms. Northpoint Commercial Credit is highly experienced in originating, underwriting, and packaging SBA loans throughout the entire country. Our seasoned business development team will work hard to find the best financing option for your business.



Down Payment



Equipment Loans 24-72 Months None 100% Financing
Fixed Rate
All 50 States
Equipment Leases 24-72 Months None 100% Financing
Fixed Rate
Creative Payment Structures
All 50 States
SBA 7(a) Loans Up to 180 Months 10-15% Longer Amortization
Working Capital
All 50 States