Partner with Us and Offer Financing to Your Customers!

Today’s customers are always out looking for a deal. When it comes to purchasing large equipment, it’s no different. Even if you offer relatively low prices and fair services, you may find that customers walk away from the deal the moment they discover that your business does not offer financing or long-term equipment leases. In cases like these, no amount of negotiation will keep your customer from walking out the door. Northpoint Commercial Credit can help.

Why Offer Financing?

Many business owners are looking for an easy way to upgrade their existing equipment, whether they need to add new vehicles to a company fleet or wish to improve their network security with an onsite server. With the advent of the internet, your small equipment dealership is competing with large-scale corporations, all of which offer competitive financing terms. Part of staying competitive is being able to offer the same financing terms small business owners have come to expect.

Customers Need Payment Option

For many small business owners, the idea of throwing money at a large equipment purchase is a daunting concept. Many business owners need to upgrade their equipment, but cannot afford to make the lump-sum payment demanded by dealers without financing options. Partnering with Northpoint Commercial Credit will not only help your customers, it will help your business grow. The more ways you can help your customers get what you need, the more likely it is that those customers will return when they need their next equipment upgrade.

Helps You Close the Deal

Rather than watching a customer walk away when they cannot afford the high upfront cost of new equipment, your sales personnel will be better equipped to close the deal. Once they establish the customer’s needs, they’ll be able to offer a competitive equipment lease or help recommend the right financing plan for each individual customer. When you partner with Northpoint Commercial Credit, you’re working with a team of dedicated finance experts who will work with your sales personnel to close the deal.

Help Boost Your Reputation

Happy customers are more likely to spread the word about your business. When you demand upfront payment, many customers leave, feeling unsatisfied, even if everything up to that point went incredibly well. If a customer needs financing, but cannot obtain it through your dealership, they often feel that your prices are too high, even when they’re competitive with the industry. The last thing you want is for an unsatisfied customer to tarnish your reputation by word of mouth. Offering financing will boost your customer satisfaction ratings, and will likely increase the amount of business you do!

How We Help

Northpoint Commercial Credit partners with equipment dealers and manufacturers to offer the best and most effective financing options to your customers. Our vendor loan experts will work with you to expand your customer base and simplify your overall equipment sales process. You get the benefit of having a full-scale experienced financing department without the overhead cost of establishing a team.

Take the next step in your sales process. Contact Northpoint Commercial Credit today and establish a financing program now!