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IT Equipment

Staffed by some of the most creative and client-focused professionals in the industry, Northpoint Commercial Credit is specifically skilled in funding solutions for IT equipment. With more than a decade of experience, we’ve watched as internet and technology has become vital to the success of many businesses, and entire industries as a whole. Keeping on top of technological advances not only allows businesses to speed their processes and increase their productivity, but it is imperative to remaining as client-focused and user-friendly as possible, increasing your clients’ overall satisfaction.


Northpoint’s financing capabilities allow you to easily upgrade and expand your organization’s technology while enjoying affordable interest rates and flexible terms. By first understanding that any business is dependent on a reliable source of working capital, we help facilitate your organization’s access to equipment financing without the frustrations and hassle that many business finance companies create through confusing and drawn-out processes.

By helping you gain access to working capital, without making you jump through ridiculous hoops, we hope to help foster growth within your organization, fundamentally acting as a partner in the future of your business. Offering leasing options, as well as a variety of credit financing and business loans, we can help you fully equip your business with the servers, networking equipment and IT structure needed.

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