In our last blog, we discussed some important do’s and don’ts concerning applying for and acquiring a small business loan. We’ll continue the important do’s and don’ts in this installment so you’ll be able to make the correct decisions for the growth and success of your small business. If you need equipment financing for your small or medium-sized business, contact Northpoint Commercial Credit. We understand how stressful it is to run a small business, and we want to help you get the equipment financing and small business loans that you need. Our team is here for you and we have more than...


Getting approved for a small business loan can help your business grow and move to the next level. While small business loans can seem somewhat straightforward, there are some caveats that are important to know and understand so that you won’t make a huge mistake that can set your business back and cause your growth to falter. In this blog, we’ll discuss some crucial do’s and don’ts of applying for and receiving a business loan so that you feel the remorse of an uninformed mistake. If you’re searching for a trusted and reputable equipment financing, SBA loans, or other lending programs for...


If you’re trying to obtain a small business or equipment loan, you probably know that your business credit score is vital to receiving the loan amount that you need. Have you considered your personal credit score, though? If you’re applying for a business loan, lenders look at both your business credit score as well as your personal.


Are you interested in possibly acquiring an equipment loan for your small business? Choosing the right loan can be a little nerve wracking, but at Northpoint Commercial Credit, we’re here to help answer all of your questions and give you excellent advice on your small business loan. If you’re looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic loan provider, call the officers at Northpoint Commercial Credit in Louis Park, MN and Des Moines, IA. We’re here to help your business thrive.


Today’s customers are always out looking for a deal. When it comes to purchasing large equipment, it’s no different. Even if you offer relatively low prices and fair services, you may find that customers walk away from the deal the moment they discover that your business does not offer financing or long-term equipment leases. In cases like these, no amount of negotiation will keep your customer from walking out the door. Northpoint Commercial Credit can help.