Our Finance Solutions

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Financing Programs

What Is A Program?

We provide a full range of commercial credit products that allow manufacturers and distributors to enhance sales by helping them provide a leasing option to their customers. Our Vendor Finance team will work with you to find a solution that will match your customers’ needs.

Why Offer Financing?

Equipment financing (leases and loans) is associated with approximately 80 percent of all capital equipment purchases in the United States. Whether your organization offers it or not, odds are, your customers will pursue financing in some capacity to help complete the purchase. In some cases, your customers may be considering a competing equipment offering from a supplier that does provide financing. Northpoint’s number one goal is to help your organization sell more equipment while giving the end-user a simple and straight-forward experience getting the credit they need. Our experienced financing professionals will help your sales team to structure and implement creative and effective financing options that close deals and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Other Financing Program benefits are as follows:

  • Shorten the sales cycle by removing affordability concerns.
  • Preserve desired profit margins by selling a payment, not a price.
  • Maximize sales revenue by simplifying the customer closing process.

Why Northpoint?

Northpoint’s team of finance professionals has decades of experience in financial services, ranging from equipment financing and SBA lending to bank management and bank regulation. Providing and supporting equipment financing programs for vendors and manufacturers is a great responsibility that requires constant focus, priority, and timely service in order to achieve maximum impact. We not only understand this requirement, but embrace it as the single-most important way to preserve the trust and confidence of our vendor partners. We are a preferred lender service provider for several banking institutions, which allows us to offer SBA loans with up to 15-year terms on equipment with below-market interest rates.