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Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Northpoint Commercial Credit offers a strategic equipment leasing platform to commercial banks and credit unions throughout the United States. Our innovative service allows our client institutions to provide equipment loan and lease products to their customers while avoiding all of the fixed costs associated with managing a full-scale leasing department.

Each lender program is jointly developed to ensure product success and maximum income realization for each bank. Northpoint will provide your institution with complete program support and administration, regardless of the program value. Additionally, Northpoint will identify and refer new customer relationships in each respective target market as a reciprocal gesture to enhance relationship value.

Other Program Benefits:

  • Receive non-interest fee income on every deal
  • Offer 100 percent financing on equipment, but only book a 70-80 percent LTV loan (if desired)
  • Keep customers from going to other banks that offer lease options
  • Use leasing as an alternative to saying “no” to marginal credit
  • Create a new profit center for the bank
  • Assist customers near legal lending limit without increasing risk exposure

Independent Finance Companies

We are committed to assisting other finance companies and leasing professionals with identifying, structuring, and supporting vendor programs. We understand the challenges and competitive nature of vendor finance programs. Our collaborative approach ensures a team effort, a co-branding transparency, and, ultimately, maximum vendor satisfaction. Please contact us today to discuss your potential program and partnership opportunities. Equipment financing is our specialty. Let us help you make it yours, too!